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Vas a descubrir que es posible aprender inglés rápidamente, con profesionales altamente capacitados y a un precio muy accesible. El o la estudiante adquirirá el conocimiento del idioma Inglés como segundo idioma y la confianza para la realización en la vida diaria adquiriendo las cuatro competencias básicas como leerlo, escribirlo, hablarlo y escucharlo correctamente.


El individuo lograra desenvolverse y trabajar la lingüística del idioma inglés, su autonomía y su iniciativa personal.


Letter by Letter The alphabet. The verb to be. Introducing: I'm... You are... Farewell. The Simple Present with the auxiliary "Do"
Count and Draw Colors. Numbers. The verb to be: It's five. They're my new scissors.
Looking My Bag School Supplies: bag, book, pencil,etc. The verb to be: It's a ruler.Wh- questions. What's it? It's a…
My Pretty Family Family members: Grandmother, mother,sister. Adjectives: short,tall, etc.
My Birthday Party How old are you? I'm... Party Vocabulary: cake, hat, clown, jello, balloon, hat,etc. Questions with short answers in affirmative and in negative: Is it…? Yes, it is.No, it isn't. What's it? It's a...
Where's Mary? Prepositions of Place: under, behind, in, on Where's Mary? It's under the tree.
More Numbers and Shapes Geometric Shapes:circle,triangle, square,etc. Numbers:11-20 How many grapes are there? There are… What is it? It's a triangle.
Indefinite Articles Indefinite Articles: a pineapple,an orange. Is it an umbrella? Yes,it is. No, it isn't. What is it? It's an umbrella.
My Favorite Place Prepositions of Place: behind in front of between next to. Question: Where is…? It's… Places: candy store, toy store, beach, circus,etc. The zoo is behind the circus.
Hello Snacy Greetings: Hello!, Good Morning How are you? Introducing someone: This is my friend. Farewell: Good Bye Commands: Be quiet! The Alphabet.
To Be or not to Be The verb to be. Affirmative: I'm… Negative: I'm not…Adjectives:pretty, ugly,short, tall. Singular and plural: It's big. They're small.
Where's The Bank? Asking for and Giving Directions Where's the restaurant? It's next to the hotel. Auxiliary "Do": Do you want to go?
This or That Demonstrative Pronouns: this, these, that and those.
Look at My House Parts of the house:kitchen, living room,etc. Furniture: chair, table.There is… There are…used to indicate that something "exists" or is in a certain location. Example: There is a rug in the bedroom. Questions with there is/ there are: Is there a refrigerator? Are there two sinks?
Let's Learn About the Body Parts of the body Examples: This is the mouth. These are ears. Questions: Is this the neck? Are these feet? Months of the year
I Can't Jump the Rope The Modal Verb: Can Affirmative: The monkey can fly. Negative: The rabbit can't run. Questions: What can she do? She can… She can't…
Jimy is Painting The Present Continuous: What are you doing? I'm doing my homework.
What Time is it? Clock, numbers 1-100 Daily routine: get up, do the homework. What time are you getting up? I'm getting up at six o'clock.
Flashback The Simple Present in interrogative form. Example: Do you like…? Yes, I like… Prepositions of Place and Giving Directions: Where's the bank? Using the Verb to Have: I have a bathroom. Parts of the house: bathroom, bedroom, dining room. Where's the bathroom?. The Modal Verb Can: Can Bryan play the guitar? What can you do Bryan? Parts of the body. How many legs does the ghost have?
Jobs Jobs:Policeman, Nurse, Fireman,etc. Wh-questions with the Simple Present: What do you do Michael? Do you know who works in a hospital? What does Susi do? Does a police need an uniform? Short answers: Yes, he does. No, he doesn't .
The Four Seasons Wh-questions with auxiliary verbs: "Do/does" What do you like about spring? Months of the year.
Amazing Numbers Days of the week, Months of the year. Introducing yourself: I'm Horsy. My birthday is on October 7th. Introducing someone. Events, Celebrations, Holidays.
My Red Gloves Clothes: Winter: coat, sweater ,hat, etc. Possesive forms in singular and plural. Examples: It's my skirt. They're her shorts.
From the Desert to the Ocean Animal Habitats: desert, forest, jungle, ocean and ice and snow.The camels live in the…
Time for Lunch Vocabulary: cheese, cookies, fish. Drinks: lemonade, juice, watermelon,etc. Meals of the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Example: I have fruit in my lunch box. The Simple Present to talk about: likes and dislikes. Example: Carol dislikes vegetables.The Present Progressive: Susi is eating a red apple.
The Compass Cardinal points. The Simple Past Tense Wh-questions with The Present Simple Tense: Where do you live?
Hours and Minutes Clock:What time is it? It's one o'clock. Hours and Minutes. What time do you have lunch, Lucy? Signs:- minus +plus =equals x times
Learning About Our World Flags: Information about countries: Wh-questions: What colors does your flag have? What currency does Mexico use?, How many states are there in Mexico? The Simple Present the third person: He takes… Auxiliary verbs: "Do / Does" Affirmative and negative.
The Mall Comparatives: My house is bigger than your house. Countable and uncountable nouns with "how much" and "how many". Food Vocabulary:fried chicken, sushi, etc. Appliances: blender, toaster, microwave, etc. Auxiliary Verbs: Do/ Does Do you like chocolate cake? Yes, I do.
Which is Better? The Past Tense with was/ were. Question: Was the first skateboard originated in 1955? Comparatives further practice: A plane is faster than the train. The Simple Past Tense with regular and irregular verbs in affirmative, negative and interrogative.
Review One The Simple Present to talk about likes and dislikes./ The Simple Past Tense...
Get a… Cell Phone… To be in the Past Tense was/ were The Simple Present Tense for the third person of the singular. Example. Verb: to want He wants… Questions with auxiliary "Do" Example: Do you know that…?
Behind Mexico Prepositions are used to show where the object or person is. Example: Jimy is between two monkeys. The Present Continuouns Tense: She is working.
Benito Juárez The Simple Past Tense in regular verbs: walk-walked. Irregular verbs: sing-sang. The Past Continuous with while, when and at. Example:I was dancing while the boys were playing.
The Ear Wh-questions with the verb "to be": What is the inner ear? Wh questions with auxiliary verbs:Do/ Does. Why do people wear earrings? Conjunctions: And, but, or The Simple Present and Past Tenses further practice. Example: Does Katy have a computer? Holidays Around the World
My Favorite Stuff
The Habitat Animals: hippopotamus, blue whale, reindeer,etc.The Simple Present and The Past Tenses in affirmative and interrogative. Quantity expressions in interrogative with "how much" and "how many". Regular and irregular comparative adjectives.
My Trip Information about a trip: Itinerary, prices.The Simple Past Tense. Auxiliary did: Where did…? Telling the time. The Present Continuous.
Become, became Jobs: lawyers, painter,teacher, mechanic, writer, etc.Wh-questions with the verb "to be". What's her occupation? Auxiliary verbs: Do/ does. The Past Tense of the verb "to be". Affirmative and Negative.
Review Plus One The Simple Present to talk about likes and dislikes. The Past Tense of the verb "to be": was / were
Meeting My Continent! Countries and capitals of the world. Personal information about presidents, players, etc. Wh-questions with verb: "to be".
Who was Shakespeare? The Simple Past Tense with regular and irregular verbs.
Traveling by Centuries Vocabulary related to time: present, past, hour, decade, timeline, etc. Inventions of the World.
Review Plus Two Sentences with the Simple Past Tense. Negative sentences using didn't.
Chinese Wall The Simple Past Tense in Interrogative further practice. The Simple Future with "will" and the idiomatic future with "will" and the idiomatic future with "be+going to".
Shapes Pentagon, cube, trapezoid, pyramid, cone, etc. The cube is a solid figure…
Heroes and their Journeys. The Big Question
What does it takes to be a hero? Informational Text / e-Magazine Article. Prepare to Read
Prepare to Read Vocabulary: survive, pasture, herd,etc.
Protecting the Big Guys. Review and Practice. Summary & Movie Reviews / Friendly Letters Opinion: What do you think…?
Prepare to Read Vocabulary: release, sequel,animated,etc.
An Animated Movie Letter in Simple Past tense. Was/were. Wh-question with "Did". Example: What did Lee say about the movie? Original Statement: Didi: "What an incredible movie!". Reported Speech: Didi said it was an incredible movie.
Heroes Around the World. Unit Wrap- Up
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